Better (not to) Call Mark


I wrote a short essay for the exhibition Better Call Mark, on view since June 9 at Galeria Fran Reus, Palma de Mallorca. Featuring works by Albrecht / Wilke, Arno Beck, Johannes Bendzulla, Pierre Clement, Olga Fedorova, Marian Garrido, Joan Heemskerk, Eva & Franco Mattes, Mario Santamaria, Bartomeu Sastre, Mathew Zefeldt, Better Call Mark focuses on the dissolution between the purely physical and online. My take on it is available online as pdf, and in this post, right after the break.

Mark is, of course, Zuch. The image above is a screenshot from Joan Heemskerk’s contribution to the show: the website and installation Aquay (2022)

Il metaverso come spazio espositivo (sort of)


Sull’ultimo numero di Artribune, Valentina Tanni ha curato un bello speciale sul metaverso, invitando artisti e autori (Marco Cadioli, Miltos Manetas, Matteo Lupetti, Auriea Harvey) a dire la loro. Io dico la mia a pagina 75.

Domenico Quaranta, “Il metaverso come spazio espositivo”, in Artribune, n. 64, gennaio – febbraio 2022, p. 75