Censored by Pak & Assange & Me

Censored #26500

I’ve been watching “Collateral Murder” with my students again and again since it was released in 2007. Watching it together is a kind of ritual, a group prayer, a tribute to the victims of the killing, a way to refresh (in my mind) and to distribute and implant (in the minds of others) one of the most outstanding images of war of all times and one of the most representative of our time. And we have to thank Chelsea Manning and Wikileaks for it. This is why I engaged in censored.art and tokenized this sentence. Proceeds raised from the NFT sale will benefit Assange’s legal defense fund and campaign to raise awareness about the free speech implications of his case. More information here.

I have my (outspoken) concerns about crypto, but honestly – I didn’t stop using PayPal and Visa when they boycotted Wikileaks for gifting us “Collateral Murder” and other truth about wars. Nobody on the bright side of the chain is doing a darn thing to save Assange from 175 years in prison, so why not mint a fucking #NFT instead?

Censored is a collection by Pak & Assange & You. 29.8K statements have been minted by 29.8K owners, while a unique dinamic nft, named Clock, was sold at auction for 16.593 eth.